Intensive Treatment for OCD

Intensive Treatment for OCD

We offer intensive outpatient treatment formats designed to meet the individual needs of our clients. A typical format might consist of 90-120 minute daily sessions, 3-5 days per week with additional exposure and response prevention (ERP) practice (independently or with a Behavioral Assistant) each day.

When a person’s OCD is severe, it may be difficult for them to come into the office for a therapy session. We have had success by providing frequent in-home sessions and later when improvements are made, transitioning to less frequent in-office sessions.

We will work together to develop a treatment plan that meets your specific needs.

We have the option of adding a Behavioral Assistant to help the client with exposure and ritual response prevention to supplement the therapy. This can be helpful when a client needs more support to engage in exposures outside of session. The Behavioral Assistant will work closely with your Therapist to coordinate your treatment. This can be a cost-effective option.

Benefits of Intensive Treatment may include:

  • Ability to build momentum and motivation with strong support and more rapid results.
  • Enable you to keep connections with family and other supports
  • Less time away from work or school
  • Quicker return to healthy functioning
  • Decreased burden on family members
  • Avoid expense and hassle of hospitalization