Deborah Wolff

deb-wDeb Wolff, MSW, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has dedicated over 20 years to working with children, adolescents and families that struggle with issues surrounding trauma, abuse/neglect, foster care and adoption, substance use/abuse, emotional and disruptive behaviors. Underlying all treatment is a belief that creative expression, spirituality, and therapeutic play can be a vehicle for change and healing. Deb approaches therapy from the perspective of the power of the therapeutic relationship and using that relationship to help each child or adult explore their own truths. Growth, recovery, and healing come when therapy is a safe, sacred, and caring experience.

Whether dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, or life changes children and adults need an empathetic and skilled therapist to support them through the process of change and renewal. Comfortable with people from all walks of life, Deb brings an authentic desire to help each person and family reach their potential using technique, humor, and experience.

Deb is certified in Remo HealthRhythms® protocols, a mindfulness-based intervention using drums, percussion, and rhythm for healing. She has conducted healing drum workshops in mental health and spiritual arenas. She believes that each person has their own, unique rhythm which, when voiced, has the power to transform.

Deb provides various trainings throughout New Jersey on topics such as Cultural Perspectives in Adoption and Foster Care, Sibling Relationships, Ethics, Child Welfare, and Family Engagement. She teaches foster and adoptive parenting strategies and is a lecturer for Rutgers University – Camden School of Social Work. Deb has also served in various clinical and management positions for a large behavioral healthcare agency.

Deb graduated with her BSW and MSW from Rutgers University and continues to be active in the learning process. When not helping others in the therapy process or otherwise working, Deb is active in her spiritual practice, enjoys singing, reading, and relaxing with her dog, Lilah Tov. She serves on several committees and boards and mentors women in recovery.