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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Groups

New Families Welcome!

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Multifamily Group is a skills group dedicated to making family lives more meaningful. Effective coping skills are intended to improve emotion regulation, communication, impulsive behaviors, distress tolerance, and modify extreme thinking. In DBT Multifamily Group we assist families in navigating ongoing challenges and help them build skills to accomplish this.

WHO is it for?

Multifamily Group is for female and male adolescents ages 15 – 19 and their parent/s and/or primary caregivers.

What is the Group format?

Teens meet together first 45 minutes and parents join latter 45 minutes.  Teen participants will be invited to teach DBT skills to parents.

WHEN and HOW long does group run?

Multifamily Group meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 – 8:00 PM. There are 5 skill sets including Mindfulness, and each set is six weeks. The full 24-week program is recommended, however, participants may choose the number of skill sets they wish to participate in.

WHY include parents with adolescents?

Research for Multifamily Group shows success when teens and parents learn skills together in a group setting. Stronger bonds are created between parents and teens, and families learn and receive support from each other. Parents often feel less isolated and vulnerable and teens usually feel better understood and more enabled to get what they want in an effective way.  Learning DBT skills is an evidence-based intervention.

WHAT is the requirement for individual therapy?

Each adolescent participant must be in individual therapy. Multifamily Group is skills-based; therefore, we do not delve into personal issues in group. The Group leader communicates with individual therapists about progress and concerns regarding their client.

How much does Multifamily Group cost?

Most insurance plans are accepted and a sliding scale is available. Cost for self pay is $120 per person per 2 hour group.

Led by:  Renee Stemmer, LCSW and DBT-Trained

Contact: (609) 313-5346 or reneestemmer@gmail.com