Helping Children Cope with Loss: Play Therapy Approaches

Helping Children Cope with Loss: Play Therapy Approaches

Presenter: Chrissy Juliano, LCSW, RPT

Join us for an experiential workshop and expand your expertise in working with grieving children. We will review grief from a child’s perspective and engage in useful play therapy activities. Conducting a relevant and complete assessment with parents will also be covered, as well as cultural considerations.


  1. Name 3 types of grief.
  2. Discuss the differences in the ways children and adults grieve.
  3. Identify 2 common needs of grieving children in each developmental stage.
  4. List 4 important questions to ask parents about their child’s experience in the assessment phase of treatment.
  5. Describe at least 5 topics to incorporate into the treatment plan.
  6. Demonstrate at least 3 Play Therapy techniques to help children cope with loss.

Fee: $110

4 CEUs

Fall 2018-2019 date will be posted soon!

To register: Call 609-714-8400 or email