Renee Stemmer


Renee Stemmer, MSW, LCSW, received a Master of Science Social Work degree from Columbia University, NYC.  She is DBT (Foundation) trained and works with adolescents and their parents, and adults ages 19 – 65. Renee provides individual therapy and DBT Multifamily Group therapy.

People often ask me if working as a therapist is hard?  And I respond, yes sometimes it is.  And I also respond I love working with people.  I love meeting people and hearing their stories.  I love the strength and perseverance people have that helps them get through tough storms and come through them with rigor and courage.

My approach in therapy is to get to know you as a person.  To listen and be fully present with you.  To help identify what your goals are and help you achieve these goals to enable you to feel accomplished and build the life you want to live.

How can this be achieved?  In my practice I use a cognitive – behavioral therapy known as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).  DBT enables people to learn coping skills and helps replace ineffective behaviors with  effective behaviors.  We use mindfulness skills through games and experiential exercises which often include yoga, listening to music, creative writing, and guided relaxation.  The more mindful we are about our thoughts and emotions, the better we can manage them and lead productive lives.

Clients I work with are adolescents experiencing anxiety, depression, impulsivity, cutting, isolation, reckless behavior, family conflicts, school refusal, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicidal ideation.
I also work with parents of teens to help them learn  DBT skills and to reinforce new behaviors their children learn and practice through DBT skill acquisition.

In addition to my work with teens and parents I enjoy working with young adults and adults who face emotional challenges, anxiety, depression, feeling stuck, and confused.

Please call or email me, I am happy to speak to you and provide additional information about my work.

Telephone number:  (609) 313-5346

Renee is a member of our peer community but is not formally affiliated with the Center for Counseling and Education, LLC. Please contact her directly for additional information and/or to schedule an appointment.  Thank you.